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Mindspire Tutoring and Test Prep

Innovative Expertise

We are experts in every test we teach,
and we’re constantly researching and thinking
about how to improve even further.

We have developed unique and powerful ways of
improving test performance…
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More Effective Learning

Our strategies improve overall academic performance,
not just test scores.

Our clients consistently tell us that school grades began to rise
when they started working with Mindspire.

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WhoWe Are

We are the Triangle’s premier test prep and tutoring service. We know our tests more deeply, craft our methods more expertly, and care for our students more fully than any of our competitors.

Our core beliefs infuse everything we do, leading to both higher test scores and stronger academic abilities for our students.

  • Intelligence can be developed
  • Effort brings success
  • Every student is unique
  • Great teaching makes a big difference

Shahar Link

is an educator and standardized test specialist who guides students to academic success by combining a deep understanding of content with a respect for students’ individual needs and ways of learning. Shahar has been teaching and tutoring for over 15 years, and founded Mindspire Tutoring and Test Prep in 2011 in order to bring an experienced application of evidence-based research on motivation, learning, and teaching to the field of tutoring and standardized test preparation.

Shahar Link

Founded Mindspire in 2011 to bring research on motivation, learning, and teaching to the forefront of tutoring and standardized test preparation.

Proven Results

Our unique and innovative approach has proven itself in average score increases of 70-90 points per section on the SAT and 3-5 points per section on the ACT.


The Mindspire Difference

All of our tutors have mastered the content of any test they teach. But test performance is about far more than content. We focus on the following crucial “Beyond the Test” meta-cognitive skills, which makes our service a far deeper experience than simply covering academic content.
Goal Setting
Slow Thinking
Habit Formation

I hereby offer the strongest possible recommendation on behalf of Mindspire. My daughter’s experience was excellent, and the results were exceptional. She improved her self-confidence, her scores, and carried lessons learned from Shahar into her SAT II exams, wherein she scored mid-700s. My daughter actually enjoys taking these exams now!

– Dr. Ron A. (father of student)

Start early, start easy.

The New SAT is coming.

Get ready with AlivePrep, a new program from Mindspire.

– Online-only test prep is ineffective for many students.
– One-on-one tutoring is great, but pricey, we know.

So we’re offering a hybrid program: students work online, submit their answers, and receive personalized, written feedback from an experienced Mindspire tutor on a weekly basis.

AlivePrep in a nutshell:

– Student receives a weekly assignment that should take about 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.
– Student submits written answers and tutor provides personalized, detailed written feedback within 48 hours.
– Once a month, students participate in an online video-conference with a professional college consultant.
– Once a month, take an optional online “mini-course” on crucial skills necessary for academic success.
– Cost: $50/month

 Perfect for 8th, 9th, and 10th graders who aren’t yet ready for hours of test prep each week, but want to get started in a way that also improves their core reading, writing, and math skills.

Also useful for 11th graders who are working on getting their scores up right now. 

Go here for the details or to sign up today: (Coming Soon!)

Upcoming Courses


June 7th SAT Class – Schedule
June 14th ACT Class – Schedule



SAT/ACT July Intensive – Schedule
SAT/ACT August Intensive – Schedule



CustomizedTest Prep Courses

We can arrange customized test prep solutions for any school or organization. We have taught many classes at several locations, including:
Virginia Episcopal School, Lynchburg, VA – ACT
Carlbrook School, South Boston, VA – SAT, ACT, SSAT
St. Margaret’s School, Tappahannock, VA – SAT
Holly Springs High School Athletic Teams, Holly Springs, NC – Combined SAT/ACT

We would love to bring high-quality, affordable test prep to your school or organization. Please call us at 919-335-TEST to learn more.


For the past 2 years, Mindspire has been successfully working with our students at Carlbrook School on SAT and ACT preparation. While our students have historically averaged about 300 points above the national average, since Mindspire took over our test-prep our students’ scores have not only seen an increase, but our students have been more invested, confident going into the tests and achieving their testing goals. Shahar and his team are not just professional and knowledgeable, but they relate very well and easily with teens and our students deeply respect them and appreciate their time and dedication. My encouragement for working with Mindspire could not come with a stronger endorsement and I highly recommend utilizing any group or individual tutoring that you are considering him to provide.

– Carlbrook School

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We offer free mock tests to any student in the Triangle (or beyond) on the second Saturday of each month.  Everyone who takes a test receives a detailed score analysis within 3 days of the test date.
It only takes a minute to register, and you’ll be on your way to more focused and precise study time!

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Our detailed score analysis will make sure your student is focused on the areas where they need the most help.

Mindspire made the world of difference for me when it came to the SAT. It gave me the confidence and knowledge I needed to approach the test and I felt so prepared. Mindspire proved to me that improving your score is possible!

– Miss Grace L. (Student)

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